Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The beige and the greys

I was having fun fun thinking about at the way that older people tend to wear grey and beige and had the idea that Littlewoods, BHS and Greenwoods were pushers getting the older generation hooked on those colours - so here it is, another case of thinking too much:

There’s a new drug in town
Unscrupulous dealers skulking
Behind pseudo respectable facades
Littlewoods, Greenwoods, BHS
Pushing the beige and the greys

When you walk a little slowly
See a little less clearly
Hear a little more quietly
They’re on to you
Chasing the grey dragon

Advertising, peer pressure
They’ll do you a special deal
An offer you can’t refuse
Half price on pension day
Vouchers at the bingo

You think you’re in control
With defiant splash of colour
You think you’re one of us
Once bitten you’re hooked
You’re one of them now

Insidious beige and greys
You’ll blend in, fade away
Another lost generation
Colourless, powerless

And the dealers move on
Regroup and adapt
To younger victims
A beige hoody in Topshop
Grey Kickers in JJB

Don’t give up
Fight for your brights
Resist the bland
Dump the dealers
Don’t be colourless

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